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How to have better Service Desk handovers during Major Incidents

The Service Desk is a vital part of Major Incident Management. They are often the inception point for major incidents. The quantity and quality of information they capture and hand over to the major incident practice determine many things, that ultimately, have a huge impact on the successful management of the major incident.  If we fail, as an operation to effectively capture the right information, and the right level of information at the start of a major incident then we cannot manage stakeholder confidence via sending quick, effective comms that inspire confidence, and we may not know which Technical Resolving Groups to engage. Costing us valuable time.   When Service Desk handovers to the Major Incident Team are of poor quality...

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The Service Desk and Major Incident Handovers

The Service Desk is a vital part of Major Incident Management. We need to work as a team if major incident performance. Learn about common challenges and how to deal with them.        About MIM®MIM® is the professional body dedicated to Global Best Practice for IT Major Incident Management®.We are transforming the way companies, professionals and IT Operations, reduce major incident downtime.Our methods and techniques save millions for companies around the globe, supports leading IT specialists and maximises collaboration.With clients in more than 90 countries, including the world’s largest business and consumer brands, we drive major incident innovation to protect businesses. Connect with MIM® Linkedin Youtube Facebook Twitter Signup for the newsletter   MIM® Podcast Listen on...

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