The MIM® Annual Report is a state of the industry survey and analysis conducted by the team here at MIM®. Our aspiration is that the report provides useful insights to help industries professionals and leaders make more informed choices that further improve the standard of IT Major Incident Management worldwide.

Welcome to your annual round-up of invaluable insights about the Major Incident industry. It’s your guide to the current trends, benchmark data, and analysis that will help support you in your career and decision-making.

Following the positive feedback to last year’s inaugural report, this year we went even bigger. Over the past few months, the team interviewed and surveyed over 5,000 Major Incident professionals from around the world. Covering every industry type, this sample is a true and full representation of today’s global Major Incident sector. Inside, you will discover valuable insights into:

What really matters to Major Incident professionals

The main challenges leaders are facing in their roles

The latest thoughts on tools, technologies, and budgets

Staff satisfaction and client/leadership team relationships

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