The MIM Awards are an international award scheme to recognise and reward effective Major Incident Management within the global IT Major Incident Management sector, run by us, MIM® the professional body for IT Major Incident Management. If you want to learn more about the MIM® Awards click here

Each year there were many great applications for all three categories.

Major Incident Manager of the Year

Major Incident Transformation

Major Incident Software Innovation



Congratulations to all of the winners:

  1. Major Incident Global Transformation of the year - ABSA
  2. Major Incident software Innovation of the year - Everbridge
  3. Major Incident Manager of the year - Stephen Hudson


Major Incident Transformation of the year award – ABSA

ABSA Bank within South Africa is one of the “big four” financial service providers. Absa Bank, a wholly owned subsidiary of the Absa Group, offers a range of retail, business, wealth management, corporate and investment solutions to customers andclients across South Africa. Absa Group Limited is listed on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange and is one of Africa’s largest diversified financial services groups with a presence in 15 countries across the African continent, as well as offices in the United Kingdom and the United States.

A huge congratulations to ABSA and all of the team for winning the 2022 MIM® Transformation of the year award.


Major Incident Software Innovation of the year award – Everbridge

Everbridge’s Digital OperationsPlatform allows teams to open fewer ticketsand spend less time reinventing iterative resolutions, leading to faster MeanTime to Repair (MTTR). Using service intelligence, incident commanders gain greater insight todiagnose the cause of IT disruptions, minimize downtime, maximize operational resilience, and resolve affected services before they become business problems.

Some of the resulting outcomes for their clients have been:

  • 50% Incident reduction due to automated tasks
  • 83% reduction in MTTR
  • 60+ integrations and reducing MTTR to 30 seconds

A huge congratulations to Everbridge for winning the 2022 MIM® Software innovation of the year award. Keep up the great work and innovation.


Major Incident Manager of the year award – Stephen Hudson

Stephen Hudson is a Major Incident Management Professional at CityFibre.

He has had over a decade-long career in IT Operations and Major Incident Management. He joined CityFibre and their Major Incident team at a critical point in the function’s implementation and growth. A lot of the processes and practices were relatively new and in development. Stephen played a critical role in helping to shape the function and its performance.

Stephen set to work building relationships with key stakeholders and training contributors on their roles, responsibilities, and the process to ensure a consistent, effective Operational approach and outcome to Major Incidents.

He implemented training, process, built a team and new metrics in order to help create accountability and clarity in the Operation and worked diligently to continually support the development and transformation of the Major Incident capabilities.

  • Major incident Detection from 2020 from 40% of our MI were identified within our 1-hour target isnow 70%.
  • Our engagement i.e. notifying the stakeholders within 15 mins in 2020 was approx. 30% and YTD we are at 60%.
  • Reduced major incidents caused by change more than 33%.

A huge congratulations to Stephen for winning MIM®’s Major Incident Manager of the year 2022.