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Core principles of Global Best Practice Major Incident Management®

  Whilst the Global Best Practice IT Major Incident Management Publication provides detailed processes, activities, guidance, tools and more, there are some core principles on which the framework exists. These principles are intentionally clear and simple. They should guide individuals and organisations behaviour during a major incident. The core principles of Best Practice IT Major Incident Management Restore normal service operation as quickly as possible via workaround or permanent fix Do so in a customer centric way that inspires confidence in End Users Through inspiring leadership and communication, maximise collaboration and maintain positive relationships, both internally and externally Whilst constantly evolving and improving the Major Incident Management service  

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Why do major incidents occur?

No matter how good or how robust your IT infrastructure and systems are, incidents and major incidents are inevitable. The more complex your IT environment, the more likely a major incident is to occur. Some of the more common reasons that major incidents occur include: Increased demand or load Failure of IT assets Changes made to the IT environment Human error Configuration conflicts

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