Charlie Munger’s 10 rules for success are highly relevant for Major Incident Managers

We watched a video recently with Charlie Munger (Vice Chairman of Berkshire Hathaway, controlled by Warren Buffet). Charlie Munger is an extremely successful and respected man.

In this video Charlie talks about his 10 rules of success, it struck us that the Major Incident Management community would benefit from his wisdom.

A shortened version of his 10 rules are:

  • Always keep learning
  • Deserve what you want (i.e. work hard to earn trust and respect)
  • Know the edge of your own competency
  • Be a survivor
  • Practice the right approach
  • Understand what you are doing
  • Invest in trust
  • Know all of the big ideas
  • Swim as competently as you can (accept that you will fail sometimes, we all do)
  • Don’t submerge into self-pity

The video was created by Evan Carmichael. The full video is around 10 minute and can be watched here