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Core Principles of Major Incident

The core principles of our Global Best Practice in IT Major Incident Management® seem relatively simple, but when you take a deep look, there is a lot more that is being asked of you. These guiding principles can be applied to help guide you in any situation that a Major Incident Professional may encounter.

The 3 Phases of a Major Incident

In our Global Best Practice in IT Major Incident Management® there are 3 phases of a major incident:

  1. The Initial 15 minutes
  2. Post-15 minutes
  3. Resolution and closure

Each of these three phases have sub-objectives. Things that we need to achieve in order to deliver the best possible Major Incident Management, and ultimately achieve the primary objective.

Psychometric profiling for Major Incident Management

In MIM®'s Global Best Practice in IT Major Incident Management® Training and Certification programs we teach psychometric profiling for better communication and leadership outcomes. We discuss what psychometric profiling is and how it can help you to be more effective.

5 Styles of conflict management

Knowing the 5 styles of conflict management is really useful in understanding your options when there is conflict. It may not be that you are directly engaged in conflict, but 2 teams of Technical Resolving Groups are not collaborating and you need to help them navigate and overcome the conflict in order to drive the major incident forward.

4 Domains of Emotional intelligence

Applying emotional intelligence as a Major Incident Professional creates a fundamental shift in your ability to lead, and how people respond to you. In this video we cover the 4 domains of emotional intelligence.

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