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This course is designed for new and experienced Major Incident Managers, aspiring Major Incident Managers and professionals looking to improve their major incident knowledge and capabilities.



To create high performing Major Incident Professionals that deliver an exceptional stakeholder experience, apply a high standard of leadership, communicate effectively and maximise collaboration.

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  1. Classroom training, 2 days.
  2. Self-paced eLearning.

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MIM Professional®

You will be able to






Deeply understand your role as a Major Incident Professional.

Lead others with exceptional communication and leadership skills.

Create happier stakeholders through a better experience and a deeper understanding of your stakeholders.

Maximise the performance of the Technical Resolving Groups through maximising collaboration and performance.

Deliver Major Incident Excellence with more control, confidence and capability.

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Clients in 90+ countries


MIM Professional®


Becoming certified in the Global Best Practice in IT Major Incident Management® is more than just a training course, it comes with expectations. Professionals who have undergone the training and certification programme are expected to display a very specific set of competencies, knowledge and behaviours in the workplace.

They are expected to deliver the highest quality of Major Incident excellence to their company, customers and stakeholders.

MIM® Professionals™ reduce downtime and protect their business and customers from the reputational damage, cost impact and lost productivity, while maximising collaboration between the Technical Resolving Groups and leading them to better outcomes.

MIM® Professional™, the first course in The Global Best Practice in IT Major Incident Management® has 4 key modules:

  • Process
  • People
  • Tools
  • Continual Improvement



Module 1: Process

The process section provides the latest framework, roles and responsibilities, steps and activities.

But more than that, process deals in the fundamentals of Major Incidents. We all understand a commercial impact, but do you know the secondary and tertiary impacts? Do you understand the lost revenue now, but also the lifetime value of a customer loss, or the brand reputational damage?

  • An Introduction to Best Practice IT Major Incident Management
  • Principles of Major Incident Management
  • Core Concepts
  • Stakeholders
  • Communication
  • Types of Major Incident Management Models
  • Roles and Responsibilities
  • Three Phases of a Major Incident
  • Initial 15 Minutes Detail
  • Post 15 Minutes Detail
  • Resolution Detail
  • Metrics for Major Incident Management


Module 2: People

Major Incident Management at it's core, is about leadership. Leadership of a diverse range of people and resources during one of the most challenging commercial situations an organisation can face.

The Global Best Practice in IT Major Incident Management® has been specifically designed to unleash potential to ensure that Major Incident Managers master leadership and continually display a leadership style that unites the IT Operation, customers and stakeholders.

Leadership without limits.


  • An Introduction to Psychometric Profiles and How To Use Them in Major Incident Management
  • Your Work Style
  • Your Communication Style
  • Your Team Style
  • Your Leadership Style
  • Your Conflict Style
  • How Stress Impacts You
  • Your Approach to Change


  • Management vs. Leadership
  • Direct vs. Indirect Leadership
  • Situational Leadership
  • Team and Individual Motivation
  • Designing and Delivering Presentations
  • Delegating
  • Coaching
  • Fostering a Collaboration Culture
  • Organisational Change


  • Management of Self
  • Empathy
  • Relationship Management
  • Adapting Styles to Situations


  • Responding Rather Than Reacting
  • Assertiveness
  • Questioning Skills
  • Five Methods of Conflict Management
  • Stakeholder Management
  • Personal vs. Positional Power
  • Bias


  • Visioning
  • Empowering Others
  • Analysis

Module 3: Tools

Being aware of the latest tools available and how they can be used is vital to quickly mobilising an entire operation quickly and at scale, as is leveraging the latest technology advancements in managing communications with key stakeholders and customers.

  • Major Incident Management Tools


Module 4: Continual Improvement

The MIM® Stakeholder Experience™ methodology provides a unique, design thinking approach to analysing a Major Incident function and the key stakeholders experience at every step of your major incident process - this creates a unique tool that brings together teams in a collaborative way to continually identify opportunities to improve the Major Incident function.

Be prepared for anything.


  • Purpose
  • The Process
  • Stakeholder Empathy Mapping
  • Current Process Mapping
  • Future State Mapping
  • Gap Analysis
  • Opportunity Identification
  • Future Major Incident Service Core Values Planning
  • Implementation and Activation
  • Examples
  • Templates and Tools




40 question-multiple choice, 1 hour timed, digital exam.





Upon successful completion of the programme, you’ll receive a MIM® Professional™ certificate as powerful proof of the enhanced leadership skills and strategic abilities you’ve developed.





David Haggis
Head of Resolution Management at Fujitsu (Global)

The training delivery was quite the best I have ever experienced. The training ensured the project to roll out a command centre globally is on track and the teams now provide a better all-round service. I recommend the training as it gives a fresh approach – looks at the subject from all angles (individual behaviour, leading teams, acceptance of change and service improvement). MIM® as a company are very adaptable, outstanding delivery of the course material keeps the attendee engaged during a three day intensive course is some achievement. They are Flexible to the needs of the customer – Agile in approach – A real training partner.


Alex Cosma

Head of IT Service Management at Square Enix

The training exceeded our expectations.


Dr Pamela Stoodley

Major Incident Manager at Spark (New Zealand)

"Thank you so much, I really loved the material and enjoyed this experience. The workshop on Continual Improvement was brilliant."


Jerome Knoepffler

Major Incident Manager at Lombard Odier (Luxembourg)

"As a MIM it can be really difficult to have the time to take a course, the eLearning was perfect to fit it in when I could. The course was really interesting, particularly the psychology and leadership sections. The content was extremely engaging and useful to my development. Excellent."


Kamlesh Miyan

Manager, Service Desk & Major Incident at Tech Mahindra (Sweden)

"The MIM® Team has done a remarkable job with the MIM Cloud Academy"


Amelia Meneses
Service Manager at Fujitsu (Portugal)
"The psychometric profiling section made me understand why we have certain reactions by teams, stakeholder and customers, and helped us to change the way we engage, communicate and ultimately improve relationships. I also loved the approach of the continual improvement section, the MIM® Stakeholder Experience™ methodology and it's design thinking approach was so useful, and we can see how to get enhanced control of all of the people, process and tools.”


Shivakumar Munuswamy

Global Lead - Major Incidents at Capgemini

it is certainly a course that I highly recommend for learning or improving your knowledge/skills for Major Incident Management
Judith Felton
Head of Customer Services, Cityfibre
The team at MIM have been instrumental in helping CityFibre transform and future-proof its Major Incident process. Working closely and collaboratively with us since day one of the project, they have willingly adapted their established training methods to meet our specific requirements. When Covid-19 hit the UK, MIM stepped up once again to support us with the unprecedented challenges we faced as we strived to keep thousands of homes, businesses and critical sites connected to the Internet right across the country. The combination of CityFibre’s deep industry experience and MIM's major incident expertise and best-practice knowledge, means we are now robustly positioned as we rapidly-scale our rollout of world-class digital infrastructure platforms across the UK.

Ways to



  1. Classroom training, 2 days.
  2. Self-paced eLearning.

*interest free finance available for individuals: learn about monthly finanance

**You can purchase eLearning by clicking the button above and using the checkout, for in person trainings and bookings please contact the team.

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