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How to get the most out of your time at the IT Major incident Management Virtual Expo 2019

As a delegate of the IT Major incident Management Virtual Expo, there is plenty you can do to make the best out of your time online. How best do you do this when you’re used to the usual ‘bricks and mortar’ exhibitions? Network For many Major Incident and IT professionals, virtual trade shows are a viable option to meet people from within the industry, on a global scale, and meet other attendees and exhibitors that don’t – or can’t – attend traditional industry trade shows. There are currently over 1,000 professionals from more than 38 countries registered to ‘attend’, from some of the world’s most recognisable companies. With a virtual event, it’s not all about exhibitors coming to you; if...

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5 Reasons you can’t miss The IT Major Incident Management Virtual Expo 2019

A virtual and interactive exhibition and conference designed specifically for the IT Major Incident Management sector, removing geographical and cost barriers for an international and connected audience. So, what makes this industry event so unmissable? 1. International expert speakers, with live Q&As The seminars, delivered by international industry experts, are great for finding fresh perspectives on old ways of working, applying others experiences to your current challenges and generating new ideas. Each seminar will be followed with Q&As on the events live days, where you can get the answers from the speakers to any burning questions you might have. The seminars are also available on demand for the full 30 days of the event, so if you can’t make a...

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