Through the global Best Practice IT Major Incident Management® Training Courses we equip future leaders in Major Incident Management and we create the best Major Incident Managers in the world.

Reduced Major Incident downtime

We maximise Major Incident Managers personal effectiveness, which results in faster resolutions and a consistent decrease in major incident downtime.

More Effective Leaders

We deliver a course with the tools and knowledge to enable delegates to evolve as leaders, in both managing tasks and functions effectively and with an understanding how to behave as a leader.

Globally Recognised Quality Certification

We care about quality control, so we don’t licence our training. We ensure that when a delegate is a certified in Major Incident Management they are capable of delivering exceptional levels of performance for their organisation and their End Users.

We create the best Major Incident Managers in the world.

Official Major Incident Management ®

Best Practice IT Major Incident Training and Certification ®

Official Major Incident Management ®

Levels  of Training and Certification

4-Day Intensive Course

MIM® Certfication

Previously split into the foundationer and practitioner courses, in the updated version, these have been brought together to offer a single course designed to deliver major incident excellence to seasoned professionals through to those new to Major Incident Management.

Open Courses

Open courses offer individual delegates and small groups the opportunity to attend training with delegates from different organisations, at venues across the UK and Europe. Please contact us directly if you wish to register your interest in our open courses in India, the USA and Australia.

In-house / Bespoke

Our bespoke courses can be delivered in-house to your team anywhere in the world and is tailored to suit the exact needs and the goals of your organisation.

Official Major Incident Management ®

Cutting-edge Leadership Development

Through the unique training courses and accreditation, we don’t only teach the Best Practice IT Major Incident Management Framework™, we develop cutting edge leadership and soft skills. This holistic approach is designed to provide delegates with the critical skills and knowledge Major Incident Managers need to become more confident leaders and to maximise collaboration and effective communication across teams.

> Psychometric Profiling
> Working with Remote Teams
> Communication Skills
> Information Gathering and Feedback
> Stress and Conflict Management
> Leadership v Management
> Stakeholder Management
> Effective Decision Making
> Dealing with Ambiguity

Our intensive 3-day courses are delivered by our expert trainers who each have in excess of 15 years in their specialties, which provides delegates direct access to the latest techniques and developments.

We are proud to serve the global Major Incident Management community, with our accreditations recognised and trusted by leading businesses across the world.

Major Incident Management
Major Incident Managers future career success

Major Incident Management is no ordinary role. Entrusted with a role that can save a business from experiencing significant financial loss each year, Major Incident Managers need to be equipped with the knowledge and skill-set that reflects this level of responsibility and training that develops managers into leaders.

Official Major Incident Management® Training and Certification
Reduced Costs

Reduced Major Incident Downtime

Increased Performance

More Effective Leadership

Increased Teamwork

Improved Collaboration

The Best Practice IT Major Incident Management® Competencies™

Our competencies are part of a framework for Best Practice IT Major Incident Management™, which give clear guidance to the skills and behaviours that are expected of individuals that achieve foundation and practitioner certification. They also offer the reassurance to current or future employers, that any person certified in Best Practice IT Major Incident Management has both learned, understood and is able to apply these skills and behaviours to the highest standards.


The core competencies that sit at the centre of Best Practice IT Major Incident Management and are relevant to all operation staff, regardless of their role, or stage of their career they have reached.


The technical competencies that identify the knowledge and skills required to be effective in IT Major Incident Management that are specifically tailored to dealing with major incidents.


These capabilities describe the behaviours that certified Best Practice IT Major Incident Management individuals need to be able to demonstrate in order to perform their jobs efficiently and significantly contribute to the business goals.

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