The Official Major Incident Management® Stakeholder Experience™ is a unique methodology, with an accompanying set of tools that enables you and your team to gather actionable insights about the stakeholders, processes, tools and people within your Major Incident function at an unprecedented level of detail, fuelling continual service improvement and innovation.

In these one-day workshops, you and your team will gain invaluable hands-on experience in using the tools and learn the best method of applying them.

More insight, greater control and transparency

Gain an unprecedented level of insight and visibility of your major incident stakeholders, function, processes, tools and people.

Improved major incident stakeholder relationships

Acting with greater insight will improve your major incident stakeholders experience and relationships within the entire major incident ecosystem.

Reduction in major incident mean time to resolve

Our innovative methodology and tools have enabled customers to reduce their major incident mean time to resolve by up to 75%.

Increase in the Operations understanding of Major Incident Management

Increase your Operations knowledge, visibility and buy-in to Major Incident Management.

Increase in the Executive team’s understanding of the process and their role

Get better buy-in, understanding and support from your C-suite Executives.

Improvement in the Major Incident Teams alignment to the Major Incident Strategy

Align your entire Major Incident Team to one vision for the future of your Major Incident Service with visual design,

We create the best Major Incident Managers in the world.

From Official Major Incident Management ®

The Official Major Incident  Management® Stakeholder Experience™ Workshops

Official Major Incident Management ®

The workshop highlights include:

Current State Mapping

Your current major incident management process is mapped out. We review current tools, communication process and team structures. This serves to establish a shared understanding of where you are now and as a foundation for identifying new opportunities.

Stakeholder Empathy Analysis

Stakeholder empathy analysis includes detailed consideration of the different stakeholder groups, their perspective and emotional positioning at each stage of the process.

Future State Mapping

Here you and your team can visualise the ‘what if.” What does the ideal state look like for your stakeholders, internal and external. What does an incredible Major Incident Team, process, and supporting set of tools and communications look like for your Operation?

Implementation & Action Planning

Here you will put into action your new knowledge and skills to define a clear action plan to implement your service improvements, as well as how to continually fuel future innovation for your Major Incident Service.

Open Workshops

Open workshops offer individuals and small groups the opportunity to attend the Major Incident Experience Workshops™ with people from different organisations, at venues across the UK and Europe.*

*Please contact us directly if you are looking to attend a workshop outside of Europe.


In-house workshops can be delivered at your premises, anywhere in the world and is tailored to suit the bespoke needs and goals of your organisation.

Official Major Incident Management ®

Who is it for?

Gaining a deeper understanding of your major incident function and stakeholders expectations is a critical part of managing a major incident. This one-day workshop is for any individuals and teams who are involved in service improvement for major incident management, Service Owners, Service Directors, Heads of, Team Managers and Major Incident Managers.

Whether you’re defining your Major Incident Management Service vision, revamping the culture, or creating the strategy for a new Major Incident Service, we get your team out of their seats and working together. At the core of every projects success is a discovery session; an interactive workshop that gets you drawing and prototyping in real time. Leave the session with innovative ideas, meaningful insights and solutions to your biggest challenges.

Reduced Costs

Reduced major incident downtime

Create Clarity

More control and greater transparency

Continual Innovation

Achieve service excellence

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We think there is a better way to unlock the highest levels of  Major Incident Management performance.

One that helps you and your  people to deliver service excellence when your Operation needs you the most.