The 3 Phases of a Major Incident

Note: The Best Practice in IT Major Incident Management and it’s components are a framework and your organisation’s other existing processes should be considered when incorporating Major Incident Management into Operations. Whilst the primary objective of Major Incident Management is…

Does a career in Major Incident Management set you up for long term career success?

Snippet: We reviewed over 200 job ads for the top jobs, CEO, CIO, Managing Director, IT Director and Head of Service Delivery to identify the most sought-after skills and how it relates to the skills and knowledge acquired by Major…

An Introduction to

Hello, my name is Adam Norman. I am the founder of We are a professional body and organisation dedicated to the IT Major Incident Management community. provides IT Major Incident Management focused news, features and commentary, a source of…

Gardener moves Babcock International Group

Aaron Gardener takes a new position as Senior Major Incident and Problem Manager at Babcock International Group Previously at Lockheed Martin as an Incident Manager, Aaron Gardener makes a move to Babcock International Group, taking the role of Senior Major Incident…

Stuart Smith moves to Systal Technology Solutions

Stuart Smith returns to Systal Technology Solutions as Incident and Problem Management Service Lead. Stuart was previously as Major Incident and Problem Manager at JLL for over 3 years. Prior to that he briefly worked at Systal Technology Solutions.

Silviu Moraru moves to Atos

Silviu Moraru takes a new Major Incident Manager role in Romania with Atos. Previously at SCC services Romania as a Major Incident Manager. Silviu “Comment”.

Chris Chadwick moves to QBR

Chris Chadwick moves to QBE to take on the role of Global Process Owner for Major Incident & Problem Management. Chris was previously at Aon as IT Service Management Centre of excellence lead.