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What is a major incident

Let us start by addressing what a major incident is in the context of IT services. We define a major incident as an event that creates a significant, negative impact or urgency for a business or organisation. They demand a response, strategy…

What is IT Major Incident Management

In the context of IT Services Major Incident Management is an all-encompassing term. It describes the: Process – The series of steps and actions taken in order to achieve service resolution and restoration of ‘business as usual’ services. Function – Your organisation’s…

Core principles of best practice Major Incident Management

Whilst the Best Practice IT Major Incident Management Publication provides detailed processes, activities, guidance, tools and more, there are some core principles on which the framework exists. These principles are intentionally clear and simple. They should guide individuals and organisations behaviour during…

Charlie Munger’s 10 rules for success are highly relevant for Major Incident Managers

We watched a video recently with Charlie Munger (Vice Chairman of Berkshire Hathaway, controlled by Warren Buffet). Charlie Munger is an extremely successful and respected man. In this video Charlie talks about his 10 rules of success, it struck us that…

3 lessons Major Incident managers can learn from Navy Seals

Navy Seals are the elite. Their training is extremely tough both physically and mentally. Here are 3 lessons Major Incident Managers can learn from Navy Seals: 1 – Set milestone goals Breaking down a goal into manageable milestones makes an…

Gardener moves Babcock International Group

Aaron Gardener takes a new position as Senior Major Incident and Problem Manager at Babcock International Group Previously at Lockheed Martin as an Incident Manager, Aaron Gardener makes a move to Babcock International Group, taking the role of Senior Major Incident…

Stuart Smith moves to Systal Technology Solutions

Stuart Smith returns to Systal Technology Solutions as Incident and Problem Management Service Lead. Stuart was previously as Major Incident and Problem Manager at JLL for over 3 years. Prior to that he briefly worked at Systal Technology Solutions.

Silviu Moraru moves to Atos

Silviu Moraru takes a new Major Incident Manager role in Romania with Atos. Previously at SCC services Romania as a Major Incident Manager. Silviu “Comment”.

Chris Chadwick moves to QBR

Chris Chadwick moves to QBE to take on the role of Global Process Owner for Major Incident & Problem Management. Chris was previously at Aon as IT Service Management Centre of excellence lead.